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A New Frontier in Human Optimization through Breath, Movement and Strength Training. 

About Us

A Tribe to Strengthen the Body and Spirit

Soulstrength is a tribe of gym fanatics dedicated to human optimization through breath, nutrition, strength and movement. 

Our evidence-based human performance system is completely unique.   Sound, skillful breathing is the foundation for strength, at the gym and in life.  Most training systems though get it twisted, focusing on moving muscle, while ignoring the bioenergetic power of breathing, and failing to optimize the body's amazing capacity to move with power, balance and agility.  

Breath, Mindfulness, Power

 Our group-based training program - a synergy of functional strength development, bioenergetic breathing, and mindfulness through movement – is like nothing you've ever experienced.  

Imagine a playground, but with kettlebells, maces, sandbags and tons of other cool toys, and trainers to help you Feel in the Flow.  

Now visualize not just "working out", but "working up", leaving the gym feeling more powerful, more energized, and critically, more grounded... 

A One-of-a-Kind Training Experience for Your Body and Mind

The Soulstrength Method, founded on scientifically tested bioenergetic breathing techniques, puts the world of physical training back in order.    

Our team of physical training experts, through intensive research on breath patterns and meditative grounding techniques, has developed a springboard for spectacular gains in functional strength, balanced movement, and mental clarity.   


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